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  • While actively seeking potential new customers, we also actively seek potential high-quality supplier partners. Our goal is to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the company by ensuring the highest quality and maximum customer satisfaction through sustainable and competitive procurement activities. All procurement matters at Weipai R&A are centrally managed by the Procurement and Supplier Quality Management Department. Interested suppliers can get in touch with our procurement department by filling out the contact form. For essential information, such as general terms and business partner code of conduct, please refer to the download section.

  • To ensure that we can provide flexible and demand-driven supply to global customers, we encourage all suppliers to collaborate closely with R&A. For detailed documents, please refer to the download section.

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General Terms & Conditions
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  • R&A Electronics Co.,Limited Business Artner Code Of Conduct November 20, 2023 PDF, 510.51 KB
  • Business Partner Code of Conduct October 16, 2023 PDF, 452.32 KB
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Please contact us at:+65 86676866