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"After rigorous testing and certification by authoritative third-party institutions, we promise that every product we offer meets the highest quality standards, bringing you sincere commitments and peace of mind in your choices."
At R&A, every product undergoes stringent quality control to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Ranking & Screening System

  • • Level1:Manufacturer
  • • Level2:Agent
  • • Level3:Factory
  • • Level4:Distributor
  • • Number of offers
  • • Number of orders
  • • Late-shipment records
  • • Return records
  • • Quality Issues
  • • Blacklist records
In-depth inspections of internal functions of chips are proceeded in conformity with customer requirements or suppliers' qualification records.
Supplier Screening
Package Inspection
External Visual Inspection
Label Verification
Document Verification
Lab Inspection
Inspection Report Requirement Verification
R&A offers you a wide range of product choices and professional solutions.
Please contact us at:+65 86676866