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R&A operates three cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting labs, adhering to the AS6081 aerospace testing standard. We use rigorous destructive, non-destructive, and customized testing to confirm product authenticity and integrity, minimizing counterfeit part risks.

Test ItemsR&A HK LabR&A Shenzhen LabR&A Dongguan Lab
Documentation and packaging
General external visual inspection
Detailed external visual inspection
Remarking and Resurfacing
X-RAY Inspection
Lead finish evaluation
Delid/Decapsulation internal analysis
Scanning electron microscope
Quantitative surface analysis
Thermal cycling testing
Electrical testingThe test conditions are met that can be tested
Burn-In(pre and post)
Hermeticity verification
Scanning acoustic microscopy
"After rigorous testing and certification by authoritative third-party institutions, we promise that every product we offer meets the highest quality standards, bringing you sincere commitments and peace of mind in your choices."
R&A offers you a wide range of product choices and professional solutions.
Please contact us at:+65 86676866